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Friday, 9 March 2012

Can't wait!

Three days of waiting! All walls are painted in our new work shop. The floor paint seems to take ages to dry. Therefore, we're waiting. And waiting. And surfing. Nici has found some amazing leather for her handbags. I'm hunting for complementing ingredients for my necklaces and bracelets. And I have a good time sketching the new pieces for this summer. There are so many wonderful lampwork beads, gemstones and crystals!

Here some of my favourites:

Most definitely, I can hardly wait to start working again!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Day 1 - The Metamorphosis Begins...

Looking down into the actual Boutique section of our new home, it looks as if we never will be able to find our way through all the stuff we've got. But it's not that bad, since the other side, which will house our workshop looks actually quite empty:

And that's were we started today: Ripping out the last bits of carpet, getting rid of cobwebs and dust and finally, starting to paint the walls and the floor. Okay, that was the plan. So far, by this evening, we had half of the workshop's walls painted.

And then Nici and I were crouching on the floor, trying to get rid of the sticky (industrial) carpet tape on the floor. Attacking it with a heat gun left us with no tape but a very sticky surface, a hand sanding machine didn't work, and we finally ended up, scratching and peeling with decorator's scrapers. Looks as if we will be at it for a while...

I'm going to attack that tape with Sticky Stuff Remover; we shall succeed!