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Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Winner of My January Give-Away has been Drawn and a New Draw for February is up!

Congratulations Karen!

A cold and rehearsals for our local Drama Festival had me a bit in their grip, so I'm running with the January draw! The wee necklace with a stacked sea glass and Swarovski crystal pendant goes to Karen Valentine. Congratulations!

Karen runs a beautiful blog under the title of "My Desert Cottage".

Her blog is a must for everybody who loves shabby chic, rustic cottages, country living style and making things. It's brimming with lovely finds, interesting articles and lots of tutorials to make your own lovely piece of interior decoration. Karen is one busy woman and has also a business which helps people to create beautiful blogs. In 2012, she launched a blog called "Where Bloggers Create". It's a place where you find an amazing number of women who are all creative in one or the other way. They let you have a look into their studios, workshops or set aside working corner and by doing so, you are immersed into a whirlpool of creativity. I find it encouraging to see so many different skills and resulting products! Definitely inspiring.

February Give-Away Draw
I saw the first snowdrops and croci today. The daffodils are pushing their stems up too. That makes me think that it is time to stack up with colourful and light spring jewellery. So why not adding a few small bracelets to an already existing stack?

This months draw will gift the winner with three stacking bracelets in spring colours!

I've just begun to produce my spring collection of jewellery and there will also be quite a few more of the stackable variety. To win, all you have to do, is to comment and follow this blog. Of course, those who are already following have only to comment. After that, all that's left, is to wait until the end of the month. Good luck!