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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I Must Be Mad!

Yesterday's blizzard must have blown all my senses away. Instead of doing something sensible like clearing the path, doing the dishes or producing a shopping list I'm sitting in front of my PC and try to start this blog off... Seems to be more difficult than I thought. I guess, my creative writing students would be in stitches...

From my window I can see the sea churning. The sky is grey with even darker clouds racing across, driven by a still strong and chilling wind. My poor little Daffodils look battered and I'm desperately waiting for a glimpse of sunshine and a bit warmth. Who wants to dig out easter eggs from a layer of snow anyway.

I spent yesterday digging through my bead stash and found my collection of Amber and Turquoise. I guess the stormy waves and the lack of sunshine made me come up with this wavy necklace.

I got these big and chunky Amber chips from a friend on the island. She had inherited them from her mother but she doesn't like Amber very much. We made a swap. I produced some jet jewellery and stitch markers for her and I got these wonderful Amber pieces.

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