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Thursday, 1 April 2010


Watch out for my Easter craft ideas over the next two days

Today's weather lives up to the definition of April. Within an hour we had snow, rain and now bright sunshine. The sea started the day with rolling waves, and now there are only a few white horses left and it presents itself impeccably blue. Ailsa Craig and the South Ayrshire/Galloway coast seem nearer today and so seams the Mull of Kintyre. Yes, and there was that short moment when I could vaguely see the outlines of the Irish coast a few moments ago...

But let's not get too optimistic. The hill behind the house is still wearing a snowcap.

Today's weather and its incredible play of light and shadow got me back to my stash of Amber. I really felt like playing with it. My friend Coral brought me a bounty of semiprecious stones back from her holiday in Thailand. And all of a sudden I felt like combining unusual coloured stones with my sunny Amber pieces.

I like this simple necklace of vintage Amber nuggets (from Latvia where my mother's family comes from) and Chinese Jade. I call it Helsinki Sunset because I remember a beautiful evening in Helsinki when the sky and the sea took on this almost Caribbean colours.

I just like the contrast between the cool blue and the warm yellow, and I think the silver spacers bring the whole thing nicely together.

And then I went over board. I had a deep dive into Coral's stones and came up with a piece which I call Tropical Lagoon. This time the Amber got surrounded by Amethyst, blue-green chinese Jade, Swarovski Crystal rondelles and some Czech glass leaves, all held together by twistet wirework.

Obviously, when it comes to colours I can't get enough. Here comes number 3, called Dream of the Reef. Yes, I know, it sounds all very Southern hemisphered... I just can't wait to sit outside and work with my beads or to simply potter in the garden. This illusion necklace is an ecclectic mix of semiprecious stones and Tibetan silver charms, thought to brighten the mood on rainy days. Actually, all these jewellery pieces are available in my Arran Gems internet shop.

I set few lovely precious stones aside to produce this simple necklace. It reminds me much of some jewellery my mother used to wear. Therefore, I'm going to call it Wild Sixties.

I can just hear Junior walking through the door, as cheerful and happy as most probably any Scottish kid, enjoying the fact that this is the start of three weeks holiday. And I think, this is a good reason to celebrate. I think, I'll head for the kitchen and magic up a nice carrot cake...

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  1. Liebe Assja,
    mir ist erstaunlich! wie viele Arbeitstunden hast du investiert?...aber es hat sich gelohnt, muss ich sagen! Mir persönlich gefällt die Helsinki Sunset und die Wild Sixties Halskette sehr. du hast sehr gut gemacht!
    Frohe Ostern!

    Liebe Grüße,
    Anh Dao