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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Last Line Blogfest

Thanks to Roland D. Yeomans I discovered that there's a lot of creative writing going on blogspot. Weird that I never thought about that one...

I like the idea of Lilah Pierce's "last line" festival. Reading all the posts makes me wanting to read what happens before the last line. Funny enough, reading through some of them, the left side of my brain came up with all kind of possible stories for the endings. It felt almost like a Creative Writing game!

For all, who have something in their drawers with exciting last lines. Let us read them! Here's the link to Lilah's blogfest:

And here are my last lines from the first chapter of MWP:
"A movement at the corner of his right eye made him jump. They were near! His chest expanded painfully as he gulped for air and started to bolt. Some of the sconces along the damp walls held flickering candles, but the end of the hall was shrouded in darkness. Tim stumbled on. His heartbeat was racing. He dived into the shadows and found himself in a dead end. There was no escape. Only an old mirror covered the wall. His own pale face stared at him. Wide eyes glowed darkly underneath the shadow of his hood. His monk's robes were torn, and he held a golden object in his hand. The metal reflected the dim light of the candles much brighter than they actually were. For a moment Tim felt blinded. The sound of steps echoing from the walls had ceased only moments ago. It was dead quiet. Even the chilly air seemed to breathe silence. A water droplet fell from the damp ceiling. Splish! Then, silence again. The place felt eerie. Tim held his breath. And then, he saw it! Behind his back, a sword, gripped by muscular hands rose, hovered in the air and then, accompanied by a mighty roar, it crashed down towards his head...."

It's going to be a childrens' (10 - 12 yrs) book i.p. And no, I'm not going to frighten the poor weans away!

Sorry, kein deutscher Text heute, das blogfest ist leider englischsprachig. Morgen kommt der zweite Teil der Loeffel.


  1. Kids book, eh.

    Nice hanger. It makes the next page and the next chapter all that more important, more so if you cut to another POV and come back to this one after 20pp or so.

    - Eric

  2. Oh, jeez! What an ending! That was great, and thank you so much for participating!