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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Sore Feet and Inspiration

My friend Coral and I at the SECC. That's definitely a cracker. "No, we're not going to spend money. We've got more than enough beads (me); and we certainly don't need anymore rubber stamps (Coral)!" And certainly, we don't need anymore fabrics, wool and whatsoever textile looking items!!!

Yes, it took me exactly 13 minutes until I had spent 10 £ on a sample pack of fabrics and sock wool!

And that was before we hit the bead stalls...

Although, I could have easily spent the whole day in the textile bit of the show. Lots of incredible fabrics, tools and techniques to explore. And lots of creative products too.

I loved the knitted Scottish tent. There was everything: knitted hills, glens and lochs with all kind of wildlife (from little pebbles - I know they don't count for wildlife - over birds, shells, flowers, lobsters to puffins and human beings doing their work or sunbathing. Even a little Punch and Judy theatre. Absolutely incredible. It's a pity that I could not take a lot of pictures because, of course, the tent was always surrounded by a big crowd.

But my absolute favourite was a winter quilt. Not a huge one but one that showed a winter scene with an incredibly beautiful atmosphere about it. Almost makes me to wish winter back with long strolls amongst the big trees in the castle park... (Almost, I said!)

As to be expected, I spent much more money on beads than planned. But I also came home inspired. Not because I had seen a lot of jewellery (there wasn't too much of it anyway) but because it feels really good to know that there are a lot of people out there who are creative themselves and appreciate the work of others.

So I came home and set down to work on a few pieces that make some nice mother's day presents. Although, I think they are fine at any occasion...

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