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Friday, 18 February 2011

Making Choices

I really don't like making choices. Not when it comes to jewellery. How come? After having spent the last week with an on and off cold I had to realise that our local drama festival is going to happen next week. Since our drama group has entered with two Chekhov plays, it's high time to get my head around my costume.

I pretty quickly had everything apart from the jewellery. I finally decided on lots of lots of long pearls and gilded chains around my neck. Which left me with bare earrings. And then I started producing earrings and couldn't get my head around the colour scheme, the length, the shape - and ended up with about ten pairs!

But I definitely enjoyed myself playing with colours once more. Now I still have the original problem. I have to decide which ones to wear and which ones to simply sell off on etsy or at the craft fair.

I think, I go for these ones. They definitely have the 1900 touch, don't they?

And now I have another choice to make: Making jewellery or going over my lines again? Arrrrrrghhhhh!

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