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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Theme Play

It's quite funny how creative ideas come about. There I was, sniffling and coughing, hunting for the elusive spare box of Kleenex, I knew, I had in my craft cupboard (not for being sick, of course but for craft purposes), when I came across a wee bag with remnants of black Venetian lace. I rather unceremoniously dumped them on my working table next to some cabochons. I was still sniffling and feeling rather sorry for myself when I accidentally emptied my box with watch parts on the table. Actually, I wanted to break out into a little rant with strong words when I realised that the combination of things on my table looked actually quite inspiring. So I went off the rant and re-arranged the different materials which were lying around on my table:

Creativity from Chaos
To me the whole arrangement screams Steampunk, Edwardian, Victorian, Gothic Beauty! I suppose, I will spend the rest of the day, curled up  on the couch with a hot water bottle, echinacea and a sketch book...

But of course, I first had to have a look at my blog, and reading the blogs I'm following I came across
Kylie Parry's wonderful blog . A look at her latest ceramic beads gave me another little energy boost.
I think I definitely need some of her wonderful ancient looking beads to marry them with some of the things I find when I go beach combing on Arran.

 Kylie Parry's lovely ancient looking ceramic beads. 
Have a look at her beautiful creatures,toadstools,
leaves etc.

 I think they would go wonderfully with some stuff
you find on Arran's beaches.

Speaking of marrying: Congratulations to Kylie and her husband! - So, I guess, I'm going to look for that quilt and sketchbook and a hot lemon tea!

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