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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Fighting With a Mantel Clock

I'm still happily working along on my steampunk collection. Actually, at the moment, I'm fighting hard with a beautiful old mantel clock. It doesn't want to give me its bits and pieces without putting up a fight. Didn't know how hard it can be to get all those screws loose! But I will get there, I'm pretty confident.

While I had my coffee break, a friend send me a link to some steampunk pages. On a french site I found an amazing collection of pictures: clothes, objects, jewellery. Just gorgeous. A real well of inspiration. Have a look for yourself!

Visit French Steampunk

At the moment, the wind is howling across the Sea. It's cold, stormy and very, very wet! Wonder where all the beautiful snow went... To keep myself warm and my heart warm, I'm going to make up a few Valentine's pieces.

Which reminds me: A friend gave me a collage sheet with "anti-Valentine's-sayings" under the heading of Single-Awareness-Day. Some are quite sarcastic, but still really funny. Guess, I shall make one for all those who don't want to put up with pink, red and hearts!

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