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Thursday, 17 January 2013

A Hub of Creativity

Nici, Carol (Kez) and I are really inspiring each other. Experimenting, doodling and creating - that's definitely us! Particularly, since Carol got her kiln and Nigel made me a proper jeweller's bench.

My friend Kez the Ceramic Artist

 I love the organic forms of Kez' ceramics and her sheer endless imagination. There is hardly a week in which she doesn't create a marvellous new piece.

 This bowl is one of her latest creations. I find the combination of smooth glaze and seemingly rough and "broken" edges very intriguing. The addition of glass on the bottom of the bowl is just one of the many lovely touches Kez comes up with.

 Majestic Vessels is the name of these pots with their lids influenced by Pictish designs. They come in beautiful dark and rich colours like this mix of dark grey and teal.

Fused Glass Rings
 Kez' glass work is always bright and full of light. I would wear every single one of these rings!

If you're interested to learn more, send a message to Carol Faichney Mchale on Facebook.

I love to come back into the shop after a few days off. The aromatic smell of leather permeates the air and is omnipresent (wow, what a word!). Leather is such a sensual material. My friend Nici has a lovely stash of soft leathers in all colours.

Nici works with small swatches of leather which means that every bag will be an unique piece. 

Baby Bliss Bag
 These little bags are called Baby Bliss. They are the softest leather you can imagine and have contrasting leather lining in an exciting colour.

Serendipity Bag
 I have my eye on the second from the left. But it's amazing in what colours and prints cow hide comes.

 This little quirky bag is mine. I use it when I go for a meal down the road and don't need much more than my purse and my lipstick. I had hard time to decide which one of the Adelinas was going home with me since they all came in gorgeous leathers, patterns and colours.

Body Bag
 Another one which is now mine. It has become the mule among my handbags since it is big enough to hold my notebook something to read and write and all the other things I tend to cart around with me.

 I'm definitely saving up for a pair of Nici's cushions. I have my eye on a pair in soft greys, red, orange and lilac.

There are many more pictures on Nici's facebook page Pooch by Nici Boni .

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