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Thursday, 17 January 2013

No! I'm not going to...

... apologize or promise that this year I will finally get the hang of writing at least three times a week; I'm rather going to work at it.

We did open the shop last year on the 29th of March with Champagne and balloons and lots of lovely people having a look around. And after being 41 weeks in business, I still love the looks of the shop and even more the workshop space and the inspiring company. If there ever was anyone who doubted that three women can work together without killing each other eventually, well, they got it wrong! For the three of us, last year has been incredibly inspiring. It's unbelievable how good it feels that there is always someone around who will encourage you when you've got a creativity block or who has a good laugh when you came up with something ridiculous!

Tommy the Mad Hatter entertaining with music in front of our "Roman wall"

My cosy workspace

A mood board with some ideas

   Yes, we are ready to tackle the world!

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