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Sunday, 9 January 2011

The Art Of Procrastination

I just realised, today I seem to circle my working table like a predator its prey. Only I find every single excuse not to approach it and sit down on the chair. After all, there is some dusting to do. Oh, and the dog looks as if it needs to go out. And did the child not just say something about hunger? Oh, and there is this pile of ironing to do... Hang on, ironing? Since when do I see that as something urgent?

The truth is, I'm procrastinating. I do this every time when the market season and Christmas are over. I do it when I need to sit down and put all the ideas for the coming season into an organised form of working plan. 

There are all these sketches and notes in my journal that need to be sort of prioritised (big word!). I need to plan what I'm going to put into the local shop, what goes on etsy and what I will sell at the craft markets. And then I need to think about supplies, time and prices. Not to forget all the wee things like business cards, paper stuff etc. Or the exciting bits like buying beads and things without going over board. Which happens when it's not organised. I made the experience in the beginning.

And for some odd reason, these organisational and administrative stuff always shows up when all I really want to do, is being creative with beads and paint and glue! Which, of course, is always the case, when it turns up.
Therefore, I guess, I better start tomorrow (it's already Sunday evening after all) a week in which I will use the morning for all the thoughts and plans I need to have and make, while the afternoons will be dedicated to continuing my steam punk exploration. And maybe, by end of the week, I'm ready to plunge into this year's creative work. After all, St. Valentine, spring and weddings are approaching slowly but surely.

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