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Thursday, 13 January 2011

No Gobbledegooks

                              Picture taken from the wonderful selection of

In my former life, when I was working in the corporate world, visiting marketing, motivation, coaching and god-knows-what-else trainings was part of the business culture. It used to amuse me how much of what was passed down could simply be described as a deluge of big words, jargon, gobbledegooks. Looking around, I had the strange feeling that many of the participants had zoned out before the trainer got past his personal introduction...

A completely different affair is the piece I read this morning on the etsy blog while I had my first cup of tea. Clear, precise, no hot air balloon at all. But very clearly and simply worded advice. I think this piece is a must to read for anyone who starts out with an on-line shop on etsy (or folksy or anywhere on the worldwide web). And it's a good reminder for all of us who have already started out to have a critical look at what we're doing. There is nothing in it which is not doable. I add the link. Have a read and let me know what you think:

and while your reading, here is another one which I personally think is so brilliant because I can see myself very much in it. If you sometimes suffer from (maybe just perceived) creativity block, then that's what you should read to get inspired:

Do you like seaglass as much as I do? See what Jenevieve from Button, Ribbons and Other Things does with them! You may even win a pendant, if you follow her blog.

So, have all a wonderfully creative and imaginative day!


  1. Hi Assja! Thatks for visiting my blog and for mentioning it on yours too! I've added you to my followers list! I love the jewellery you make, they are gorgeous! I've considered bridal jewellery, but not entirely sure where I'd go with it, I made my own wedding necklace, but it's probably quite different o what other's would wear on their wedding day! Designing more sea glass necklaces at the moment, but still waiting for some new drill bits to make more! :) x

  2. Read both articles and loved them. So much valuable advice on Etsy! Very timely to take a critical look at one's creativity in January as the year rolls out ahead of us...
    Thanks for sharing!