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Saturday, 15 January 2011


Last week I found a couple of old watches in a drawer. I couldn't even remember that I ever had them. While I was debating with myself whether I should bring them to the local charity shop or just chuck them out, it occurred to me that I could actually use them to make jewellery. I always thought that steampunk is an art form which is incredibly interesting. I read H.G. Wells' Time Machine when I was twelve. And after that I was utterly obsessed with Jules Verne. The Nautilus was intriguing, as was The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I was pretty much reminded of those times this year at Christmas time when BBC broad casted the latest episode of Dr. Who which was very much along the steampunk line. So why not fiddle a bit about with a first piece? There is something about the brassy shine of an old watch. A mechanical movement is something incredibly intricate and beautiful.

It's almost not understandable why those little miracles are hidden inside the watch. The idea of showing them to the world is actually almost like showing them the respect they deserve. I spent quite a few hours taking the watches apart, cleaning some bits and then arranging them on filigree parts which I had slightly aged with alcoholic inks and a kitchen blow torch. I'm sure there are more professional ways to go about producing a piece of jewellery with old watch parts, but I enjoyed trying to figure things out. And I quite like the result. I have already quite a few ideas to follow up this line of jewellery making. Beware second hand shops, bric-a-brac places and antique fairs!

And just about half an hour ago when I was checking what's going on in my etsy shops, I came across this lovely treasury by Jay. I love the bright blues and glowing oranges. And the exploration of complementary colours. Thanks Jay!

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  1. Thank you so much Assja for highlighting this! My blog is http://redroaddesign/ = Cheers Jay